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New Year, New Me?!...Sure

Every year I believe we all make some sort of resolution that is so far fetched we rarely get through the 1st week of our challenge. Whether it be Intense Juicing, 2hr Daily Gym time, No sugar for 30 days, or it may be as simple as drinking 8 cups of water daily. I am guilty! However, I have learnt new ways to keep my resolutions without completely hating the activity.  I believe it starts with positive thoughts and also really wanting a serious change in that particular area of your life. You need to decide that you actually want this and not jump in because it's currently trending.  Decide what change/addition you need to make in you life eg. Improve Baking Skills Realize how this change will affect your life eg. Improved baking skills will allow me to share a variety of tasty meals for my family and friends.  How can you act on this change/addition eg. Actively search for courses/ tutorials as it relates to Baking tips, quick recipes, Baking groups How much time would you like t