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Literally Everything Bagels

I personally love a toasted anything bagel with  butter, cream cheese, ham and cheese, avocado. You name it. Then,  I tried the sweet dough  bagels from Montreal-  and yes, this forbidden sweet dough is just want you can imagine... Sweet in all the right places topped with a savory spread. Mmmm hmmmm So here I am, because  I love it this much This is not the Montreal bagels recipe...but I think I got close  😋 Feel free to try as much variations as you need to and tell us about it. Ingredients : Dough: 1 1/2 cups of warm water 1 tbsp of yeast 4 cups of flour 2 tsp salt 1 tbsp of coconut  sugar Water bath:   8 cups of water 2 tbsp coconut sugar 1 tbsp granulated sugar Coating 1 egg white  2 tbsp water Directions: Mix in yeast and water together for 1 minute Add in flour, salt and sugar The dough will be thicker than the regular sandwich loaf dough, so you may need to knead for a few extra minutes. Knead dough into a ball, lightly grease a clean b