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Chocolate Walnut Blondies

    Some days I try to eat a bit healthier...but it always ends in dessert.

Dark Chocolate Cookie Bar

An easy afternoon snack or a pleasant dessert.

Simple French Bread

Another cold night led to the baking of this heart-warming bread.This is a must have in your pantry. This bread is soft on the inside and so crispy on the outside. Ingredients: 4 cups of water 6 teaspoons (2 tablespoons) yeast 5 1/2 cups of white flour 6 teaspoons(2 tablespoons)salt Mixing instructions: Mix in yeast and warm water Sift in flour and salt into the yeast mixture and knead Mixture should be very elastic and sticky After kneading,before rising. Cover dough with a towel and allow to rise. The dough should double in size after rising. After rising With this dough it proves a bit difficult to shape, so I would suggest placing into a shaped loaf pan. I let it rise for another minute or two in the pan before placing in the oven. Baking instructions: Preheat at 350⁰, place a baking pan of water in the oven during this process to create steam/moisture while your dough is rising.Remove pan prior to baking.   The steaming method as

Black Cake aka Christmas Fruit Cake

The staple dessert at Christmas on our dinner table throughout the season. I remember my mom would soak the fruits months in advance in wine and begin baking at the start of December. In those first few days, the house would drown in the aroma of freshly baked Fruit cake. Make and give as a gift ; cut into squares and serve with ice cream... or plain old grab a large slice and smile through your day. This will be one of the lengthier recipes as more preparation is involved to complete this 'OMG I made Black Cake recipe' Ensure you follow the recipe based on the order the ingredients are listed. Ingredients : 1 cup sugar 1 cup butter 16 oz of flour , plus an additional 4 oz flour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 5 eggs Spice, nutmeg Caramel browning Chopped Prunes, raisins, cherries Red Wine