Foodie? Overrated

I normally consider my self a foodie or I used to. By definition a foodie is

**someone who seeks new food experiences whether it be by cooking or eating**

I think I've upgraded to a food critic. I no longer simply try new things on the menu; I eat passionately however I also criticize in detail. I take in all the flavors, the presentation, the service like its my job... To be honest, I think i should be getting paid for this hehe.

But back to business...

I enjoy finding ways to evolve things: food, business, money/ savings. If there is a way to increase your foot traffic, your savings total, your service - why not try it.

There is no one better at being a critic of your own food than yourself. Oh and your husband too! Believe me, it is extremely difficult to lie about your heavenly moist chocolate cake that in actuality came out as dry as the flour you put in or the carrot cake that was basically an oil cake.

Always enjoy your food, don't be afraid to give a great compliment or a subtle negative critic. 


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